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Google Ads – what are they?

Are you unfamiliar with Google Ads? Take a test! Enter "red pins" in your search engine. You'll see that at the top of the search results page links with the "Advertising" badge will appear.

Links lead to regular websites that advertise themselves using a given slogan. They would not appear there if they did not use Google Ads.

Ads are based on the auction system.

There is less advertising space than companies that want to advertise within it. As a result, Google carries out auctions lasting a fraction of a second - the best ads win. Links to their pages will be seen by potential customers.

These are certainly not the only platform opportunities. Do you want to know more? Continue reading.

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Why should you be interested in it?

Google Ads have gained in popularity for a reason. Ads are shown to people who actively search for a specific service on the web. Advertising responds to their real need. Thanks to this, it is a very promising group of potential clients.
Sponsored links are irreplaceable especially for such companies as car rentals, home appliances or plumbing services. It is very difficult to select a group on the Internet who will want to rent a car, repair a computer or repair a leaking pipe in the bathroom.
The description of age or interests will be of little use here. With such services very often a coincidence is the deciding factor - someone had to take his/her car to be repaired, had a computer failure or a gasket under the sink began to leak.
In this situation, users most often start browsing offers on the Internet. Showing them a link to your website in the search results can result in winning a customer.
Think about how potential customers are looking for companies similar to yours. It is possible that Google Ads may become the main channel for you to acquire new leads.

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Google Ads as an additional source of conversion

Do you already advertise on other channels and are happy with the results? With Google Ads they can be even better. Google Ads provides numerous possibilities. Proper optimization can have a very positive effect on the turnover of your company.
A Google Ads campaign perfectly complements SEO and content marketing. Each activity has its specifics. They are not able to replace one another, but they perfectly complement each other.

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What determines the success of a campaign?

Setting up a Google Ads campaign is a complex, time-consuming process. The campaign is constantly optimized. Work on it never really ends. An Ads campaign is a very dynamic creation. The results can change from week to week. Solutions that produced good results for one month can become completely ineffective next month.
In addition, Google is constantly offering new products. It's difficult keeping up to date with everything and often even a small change can fundamentally affect the number of conversions.
Therefore, your campaign should be run by a person who has the appropriate knowledge and experience. Otherwise, you run the risk of wasting your budget and becoming unwisely discouraged from using Google Ads.

Ads campaign – as a buffet

By ordering an Ads campaign, you have the option of selecting words and key phrases that will be associated with the display of advertisements. As a result, your campaign will be tailor-made: you can advertise products or services that you think are the most attractive, help promote those with average sales or even develop your brand as a specialist for any given product or service.
The success of the entire campaign may depend on a successful, thoughtful selection of key phrases, which is why it is worth entrusting this task to a specialist. Badly matched keywords can result in an unnecessary loss of funds.
Allowing a specialist to carry out your Ads campaign gives you the confidence that only the best will be selected from a buffet of keywords.

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Why iCEA?

ICEA has earned the Google Partner status. We have received the Google Ads certificate. We specialize in handling Google products.
We regularly go to every training. We are the first to discover new products and changes.

What will you gain?

Google Ads constitute an investment in the development of your company. Thanks to them:

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you will increase the visibility of your offer

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your ad will be displayed to people who are actively looking for a service

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you will gain new customers

Google Ads offer

Discover the Possibilities of Google Ads

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text ads

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graphic ads

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campaigns with a list of products

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video ads

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Text ads

A text ad is the most basic Google Ads campaign option. Due to its high efficiency it is also the most popular.

It is based on the auction system described at the beginning of the article. A user enters a specific phrase into the search engine. I n a fraction of a second Google carries out an auction and displays only the best ads, i.e. the ones most suited to his/her query, the highest quality and the right budget.

The Internet user sees the ad text and linked header leading to their website. When he/she clicks the ad text, he/she will be directed to the advertiser’s website.

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Graphic ad

With this option, you will place your ad (in the form of graphics) on websites related to the services you provide. For example, if you run a travel agency, your ad may appear on tourism websites.

Ads also allow you to target users of a specific age, gender or interest.

You can also choose your own websites, mobile apps and videos upon which to display your ad.

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Sometimes conversion on a website requires a long time to think - usually no one books tickets for a holiday trip, buys furniture for the living room or enrolls in expensive postgraduate studies on the spot. Such users should be additionally encouraged and regularly reminded about the offer.

Have you ever had the impression that an ad is following you? Have you seen it no matter what website you were currently on? That’s how remarketing works.

Ads are most often displayed to users who have already visited a website, but have not made the desired conversion (although this is not the only possible setting).

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Campaigns and product ads

This is a more advanced ad format. It is something between a text ad and a graphic ad. It allows for the photo display of a product along with its name and price. It works in both the search engine and the advertising network.

These types of ads are more likely to be clicked by users. They are very popular, especially among online stores.

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Video ads

The video format is becoming more and more popular. It makes it easier to attract users' attention and encourages them to interact. You can take advantage of it too!

In the Google Ads panel, we'll create a campaign for you that uses the video format. Thanks to this, your ads will be displayed on YouTube videos.

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